Pure harmony for skin and senses

Tesori d’Oriente is born from a vision, one which offers to all the possibility of transforming small daily acts into rituals of pure pleasure. Exotic pleasures and precious textures tell stories of worlds full of charm with a thousand-year old history.
Fragrances like echoes of distant lands, for physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Tesori d’Oriente.
Your next journey.


From its very beginning, the philosophy of Tesori d’Oriente has been based on the concept of holistic wellbeing, originating in physical and mental balance: body care becomes a moment of escape from the daily routine to rediscover an internal sensation of profound pleasure and relaxation. Today, Tesori d’Oriente represents a complete line of beauty rituals, recognised for the quality of their 100% Italian products and the unique fragrances which leave an unmistakable, sensual, and enchanting aroma on skin.


Taking inspiration from the spiritual wisdom and ancient traditions of Eastern culture, we have created an exclusive collection of products for taking care of your body and home.

Our perfumers tirelessly explore the world searching for the finest ingredients, creating new olfactic alchemies that are always precious and unique, capable of presenting moments of pure wellbeing and restoring  emotions, like a limitless journey.


We believe in wellbeing that is long-lasting, a fountain of health, and that lives in harmony with nature and our surroundings. For this reason, we strive every day to offer products that are environmentally friendly and gentle on our customers’ skin.

You won’t find parabens, mineral oils, or synthetic colours in any of our products.

We minimise our environmental impact by choosing vegetable-based surfactants and favouring aluminium as our packaging material: a noble metal, entirely recyclable, and eco-sustainable.



Our products are made entirely in Italy, with constant attention to quality and excellence.