The beauty centre is the magical and enchanting place in which every woman would like to take refuge forever, to get away from stress and tension. Face and body massages are certainly amongst the most popular beauty treatments as they allow you to let go into complete relaxation forgetting anxieties and worries, leaving room for a sweet, harmonious embrace, intended to rebalance your spirit and the body’s wellbeing. Following the path of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition, today there are wellbeing centres specialised in this historic practice, which aim to give benefit and harmony to skin and mind.

The fundamental Ayurvedic medicinal texts – Sushutra and Charaka Samhita - suggest massage therapy as a ritual intended to strengthen the human being when faced with changes and is a means by which man can return to the original balance of their self.

The Ayurvedic massage rituals are divided into two groups:

  • Apatarpana: draining therapy;

  • Santarpana: nourishing therapy. 

There are also two different massage techniques:

  • Pindasweda: a form of massage originating in Kerala, a region in South India, which eliminates toxins present in the body through the skin;

  • Pizhichil: a massage with essential oils from medicinal plants and olive oil, which has benefits relating to the heart, arteries, sciatica, diabetes, and asthma.


Ayurvedic massage is often carried out on a wood table divided into two parts: one that facilitates massage of the body and the other that is designed for head massages. Normally, for treatment of head and neck, the patience sits in a chair, so that the therapist’s movements are assisted by posture.
The surrounding environment is usually dimmed lighting, with soft lights, lit candles, and aromatic fragrances which aim to give a pleasant sensation of relaxation and wellbeing.
Depending on the massage being practised, the therapist may carry out the treatment with either hands or feet, walking along the body up to the face.
The long, harmonious, and precise movements aim to give relief, wellbeing, and new energy to the patient through use of light pressure.