Japanese Rituals


The ancient ritual of the Japanese bath, dedicated to the purification of body and mind, that involves immersion in warm water after a careful and attentive wash. A ritual that follows precise gestures to give you a moment of profound pleasure and restore soft, relaxed, and radiant skin. The purpose, indeed, is to purify and relax, liberating yourself from everyday stress.

The fragrance

An intense, floral, and enthralling bouquet with fresh and delicate notes. The peony and osmanthus notes lend a floral tone to the perfume, brightened by the vivacity of bergamot and a touch of fresia. The chypre base is enhanced  by woody notes of patchouli, cedar wood, and musk. A radiant, sensual, and unforgettable fragrance.


TSUBAKI OIL and PEONY Tsubaki oil is traditionally used in hair and skin care for its extraordinarily soothing, hydrating, nourishing, and antioxidative properties. Peony is used for its calming, relaxing, and de-stressing qualities, as well as for its extremely delicate, pleasing fragrance.

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