Persian Dream

A luminous and bewitching essence

A dreamlike journey into ancient Persia, home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, among its sumptuous finely decorated palaces, light-flooded courtyards and lush gardens, pervaded by intoxicating scents and the relaxing gurgles of a thousand fountains.

In Persian, the word "Pairidaeza" means both paradise and garden. Because of their majestic beauty, Persian gardens have inspired arts and traditions of oriental culture since ancient times, as well as the science of perfumery.

The Persians were the first to create perfumes and to discover the technique of distillation of essences.

The fragrance

Souvenir of a Persian garden, this perfume caresses the skin with a flowery and amber breath giving a deep sense of warmth, light, well-being.


An arabesque of perfumes in which the sensual notes of jasmine and the sweet and spicy notes of pomegranate blend with the hints of red tea and the warm shades of amber to give life to a luminous and bewitching essence that celebrates the rebirth of nature.


In Persian culture, the pomegranate symbolizes the beauty of life, prosperity and fertility. The fruit is loved for its juicy and sweet and sour taste, and in perfumery it is used because its aroma is able to envelop the senses and the soul with its sweet scent, spreading a feeling of well-being and serenity. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is a precious beauty elixir for the skin.


The cultivation of tea in Persia has a thousand-year history and still represents a simple and daily ritual.
The gestures foresee that the drink is first smelled, while the steam diffuses its intense aroma into the air, to instill well-being and rebalance body and spirit.

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