Considered the elixir of long life, Matcha Tea is the drink par excellence for taking care of body and mind completely naturally, but with a hint of delicacy. Preparing it is simple and it can be made with limitless recipes: from common teas and herbal teas, all the way to sweets, semi-frozen desserts, first courses, or for those more accomplished in the kitchen, complete menus.

To make the original Japanese Green Tea, four specific tools are required:

  • Chawan: a small ceramic or terracotta bowl.

  • Chasaku: a thin bamboo spoon that collects the right amount of Matcha Tea for a mug.

  • Chasen: a wide and squat bamboo whisk which is needed to uniformly mix the tea powder without changing its flavour.

  • Chaki: a ceramic or wood box which contains the tea during the ceremony. Indeed, if you want to preserve the precious powder for other preparations, it is good to keep it in a well sealed box, in a dry place, protected from air and light.


To prepare a 200ml mug, measure out the right quantity of powder using the chasaku, the specific spoon. Then, proceed heating the mug that contains the tea and fill it with very hot water (around 80 degrees, since there is no need to bring it to the boil).
These simple steps executed, using the chasen, proceed to gently mix the powder with the hot water in slow and circular movements until it is combined.
Immediately after, stir the mixture with more energy, making 15 figures of 8 inside the mug. When the tea is homogeneous, well mixed, and frothy, you can proceed with tasting.

Once the tea has been made following the above steps, you can add hot or cold mix, as desired, to create the original Matcha Milk, ideal for a sweet breakfast full of energy.